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Stealth Growing Cabinets for (Legal) Medical Marijuana Growers - The Carnahan Estate...

 The Carnahan Estate is real value.  The basic cabinet starts at only $495.  Add lights, a basic ventilation system and a nice exterior finish package and you have a complete solution for only $695 - about what you would pay for a real nice end table in an upscale furniture store.  Our indoor stealth growing cabinets offer value; real value for your hard-earned gardening equipment dollar.  Each Carnahan Estate indoor stealth growing cabinet measures 20" wide by 24" deep by 24" high - the perfect height to enable it to sit right in your TV room and allow you to grow two to four plants at a time.  No excessive noise, no light leakage and no odors.

Just the recipe for those who value their medical privacy.

The Carnahan Estate was designed by me to look just like an end table and act like an end table.  There are no visible latches or drawers to pull on, just a slick finished look that says the owner has high-end tastes in furniture.  If you like a roughed up, "French Provincial" look that can be done too.  We can distress the wood and the pickled finish enough to give it that "diamond in the rough" look that is so in vogue with many urban dwellers.  We can also offer the option of a poured epoxy top and we can offer the additional option of using customer materials.  So, if you have tree leaves, pressed flowers, fishing lures, money, stamps or some other novelty you want preserved for eternity, we can submerge it in the resin coat and create a personal masterpiece that is uniquely you. 

You can select the lighting system you want; though LED lights are only available on the Magnum Opus (due to the height offsets required for operating an LED light panel), you can select compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) that provide an average coverage of more than 60 watts per square foot or select U-6 design high-output T-8 fluorescents

Special Offers

Currently, we are offering free ground shipping by common carrier within the continental United States.  If you are in Canada, we will pay half the shipping bill.  This is our Christmas special, though if you do not have your order in by December 1st, it is not likely you can get one of our quality cabinets down your chimney in time for Christmas.

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You can decide how we will build-out your Carnahan Estate stealth grow cabinet.

Note these features you can select:

Custom exterior finish options.

Custom ventilation options.

Custom lighting options.

Customer material options.

Satisfaction Guarantee on Your Investment...

We stand behind the products we sell.  With the exception of custom orders, all products carry a 90-day money back guarantee.  If you don't like the product we don't like the idea of having your business.  If we can't make you happy, then we will refund your money (less shipping costs).  All returns must be in original condition.

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